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A Marketing Edge for the Little Guy Featured

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One thing people thinking about opening their own business hear the most is that old cliché, “There’s nothing like being your own boss.” And it’s true, but It’s no walk in the park. It should be more like, “There’s nothing like being your own overworked ball of stress flipping out at inconsequential events, and wondering if your employees have any idea how much those damn paper clips they are making a chain out of cost!”

What never gets much mentioned is all the mistakes you’ll make. It doesn’t matter how careful you plan, how much legwork you did to prepare, or how much education and experience you have. Mistakes are like the dead people from The Sixth Sense. Sometimes no one knows they are mistakes until way after the fact. That sweet location you found for your restaurant? Nice spot. A shame that no one can turn left out of your parking lot thanks to the constant traffic -  with left being the direction most people need to go to get back to work.

Since mistakes are going to happen, business owners are left with only one option. Do everything else so well that those mistakes are negated. This is where business owners have to get creative and find any edge they can to become successful. The right marketing is a good way to counteract many mistakes, even old marketing mistakes. So what if turning left out of your restaurant’s parking lot is a nightmare? Tell people your food is so good, it’s worth the hassle of turning left.

One major mistake to avoid is ignoring the electronic side of marketing. Despite what the flashy commercials on TV tell you, it takes more than a placeholder website built for you by GoDaddy to be successful. In fact, websites are so outdated that hipsters might start thinking they’re cool again. What matters most now is having a mobile app for your small business.

It’s hard for the little guy to carve out a niche in the free market. It’s like being handed a steak knife, and then told to go cut down an oak tree. Marketing can give you an edge, or at least make it more like you have an axe to cut down the tree. But a mobile app can give you a friggin chainsaw.

More and more customers are deciding where to spend their dollars via mobile devices and apps. Mobile apps allow customers and business owners to directly interact with one another. It’s a real time experience, without the hassle that goes along with a phone call. At best, a website might get you their email which can be good…assuming they use their real email (I have no idea who This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. is, but I use the heck out of that address)…and assuming they will even read what you send them.

The good thing about apps is that they have gotten more affordable for small businesses. Not every business app has to be a complex behemoth like Amazon’s. All it takes is something simple where the user can see what good or service your business provides and then order said good or service whether it’s a restaurant reservation/takeout, schedule a car’s tune-up, or be alerted when a new shipment of whatever it is you sell comes in.

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Erin Schollaert

Erin Schollaert’s goal is to develop and create solutions that support small and medium size businesses in small communities. She is the founder and CEO of Main Street Mobile Apps, a mobile app development company with a vision of giving small businesses affordable 21st-century marketing tools. Erin and her company truly believe successful small businesses foster a sense of community that is vital in the world today.

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